I observe his works and they shift my attention to mobile spaces, capable of moving in time, from one era to another, from a static era to a digital era; The same is true of the beings that show up in his works of him, which constitute a "come and go" not so much in space but in time. This kinetics seems to come from the stark contrast between the monumental of architecture, deliberately medieval or classical urban, and the fusion or digit-photographic mixture of beings on the run, in a "come and go" that reflects the reality immanent in today's daily life. The wide and open spaces weigh this architectural majesty and emphasize the ephemeral condition of being. The reflection of signals (symbols and arrows) constitutes guiding elements that are erected without fulfilling their task before the obvious immersion of the mobile element in its own "eagerness".

LUIS FERNANDO VALENCIA Q. Miami, November 17th, 2014

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