Under the Track Of Gabo in Nassau NYC

After the successful exhibition at the Art Gallery of the Consulate of Colombia in New York last June, the photography exhibition Under The Track of Gabo', the colombian Alfonso Bonilla returns to the capital of the world to celebrate the Independence of Colombia .

This time the venue chosen, scored the artistic representative of the photographer in this city, Freddy Martin Niño, is Colombian Chamber of Commerce American, "where attendees can appreciate the high pictorial content of this work inspired by the memoir of the Colombian Nobel Gabriel García Márquez ".

The exhibition is available between 20th and 31th of July at the Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building, located in Nassau NY.

The exhibition of the works of this emerging artist with a successful tour of Cartagena and Medellin and called galleries of Mexico, Belgium, Italy and Argentina, invite the viewer to establish a link between what is known about the nobel and reality from a different perspective.

#GabrielGarcíaMárquez #AlfonsoBonilla #Gabo #ArtistaAlfonsoBonilla #Macondo #gabito

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